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July 22, 2020
Painting from Memory

Class Work – Sketch from a photo only using your sketch. No photo. The takeaway is to train your brain to remember what’s important. It’s helpful for when you’re looking back and forth between your scene and your painting. The more you remember, the more you can put down without looking away. You’ll become a more efficient painter which is most important when painting “en plein air”, a term used for painting on site. It’s important to record the scene as fast as possible before the light changes. I completed the study in the thumbnails below first and was bored with the colors and decided to ramp up the chroma for the final.


Time: 4 hrs
Surface: 5×7 acrylic primed 1/4″ hardboard
Palette: Limited (ultramarine blue, cadmium red medium, hansa yellow and titanium white)
maine coastline painting
maine coastline photo
Maine Coastline
ink pen coastline sketch
Design Sketch, Graphite & Ink
maine coastline 2
First Oil Study